What role does clothing play in your life?

Feeling seen is so important to all of us. Whether it’s our values, hobbies, interests, aspirations or personality, we all want people to see us for who we really are. I have clients tell me their aspirations during our consultations, which helps shape what type of style I create for them. 

The beauty of style is you can use clothing as a powerful tool to get ahead. What does this mean? Clothing says who you are without saying a word. Think: first-impressions, interviews, presenting a pitch, dates. entering a store or attending a networking event. These are all places and events where being seen as your best self really comes in handy, especially when you might not be able to engage with everyone.

I had a client who was an engineer, but wanted to start his own company that was focused on intertwining tech and art. Since he was Indian, he was afraid he was going to be put in an “engineer box” and get overlooked as a founder. It was a big concern for him because he was entering the world of arts. “I don’t want people to think I don’t know anything about art. I have so much interest and insight into this world, but no one can tell right off the bat.” I saw how he wanted to be seen right away.

First things first, we talked about what an artistic founder looks like. Artistic people love to have fun with their accessories like glasses, wear interesting shoes, opt for bolder prints and wear clothing that looks tailored. We switched his look from “polo shirt, jeans and running shoes” to “fun printed button down shirts, slim fit jeans and cool lace up boots”. We went for fabrics that were soft and stretchy so we wouldn’t sacrifice comfort.

He messaged me after his pitch telling me how great he felt. Not only did it feel good getting compliments on shirt, but he was able to embody his artistic side inside and out. He truly felt like an expert because he looked the part. As soon as he walked into the room, he got everyone’s attention as an expert. 

What does this look like for you? Are your clothes making you appear as you want to be seen? 

Enclothed Cognition: Your clothes effect your productivity

Did you know what you wear effects your psychological processes and behavioral tendencies? For example, wearing sweatpants or PJs makes you feel lethargic, while wearing something more tailored makes you feel focused.

Enclothed Cognition is a study done in 2012 by Adam and Galinsky, where they found what you wear effects your productivity. Your symbolic power outfit leads to more confidence, while your lounging clothes have the opposite effect. This study is so relevant in the time of Covid, especially for those of us who are not used to working from home. What you wear matters.

I’ve had clients reach out for help with their work from home clothes because they don’t feel like themselves anymore. The good news is there is hope! Next time you are getting ready to start your work day, opt for something comfortable and stylish. It doesn’t have to be a suit, but avoid old worn out joggers. It’s about having clean lines and some structure.

Ladies, go for soft dresses or jumpsuits over your college hoodies. Suede or leather leggings and stylish sweaters are perfect too. I also personally love knit blazers because they have the softness of a cardigan, but look of authority.

Gentlemen, stretchy chinos, stylish lounge pants, henleys and sweaters look great. Keep things somewhat fitted and crisp. In meetings, you’re mostly seeing the top half, so opt for something better than an old t-shirt.

Need help building your productive work from home wardrobe? Reach out to learn about virtual programs, where your new clothing comes straight to your home: supreet@stylebysupreet.com

Men’s Style: How to Layer Field Jackets for Fall

As the cooler weather sets in, it’s time to start thinking of ways to warm up… stylishly, of course. In this series I want to teach you the art of layering. Layering is one of the easiest things you can do to look stylish. Whether it’s jackets, scarves, cardigans or vests, you can layer it all. This post focuses on one of my favorite jacket styles for men: Field Jackets (also called M83 or a utility jacket).

Field jackets are great for transitional seasons like fall because you can wear them on their own or layer away. Field jackets are versatile because they look great with casual and dressier outfits alike.


How to Layer a Field Jacket

Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets look awesome under field jackets. When wearing a denim jacket, go for color in your pants (I.e. burgundy, khaki, black, cream, green etc)

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Start with your shirt (henley, t-shirt or button down) and then your denim jacket. You can close your denim jacket buttons or leave them open, totally up to you. Top off your outfit with a field jacket and a scarf if you would like.

Photo Credit: He Spoke Style

If you need to shed a layer once you get indoors, unbutton your denim jacket.


Denim Shirts

Denim Shirts add a nice contrast to field jackets (and make a perfect alternative if you don’t like denim jackets).

The example below shows how nicely denim and green contrast. I love the idea of a printed field jacket to really stand out of the crowd.

Photo Credit: Southern Gents


Your jeans don’t have to wear ripped to pull off this look.



Cardigans work great under field jackets if you prefer a softer layer. You can go for a shawl neck or classic V neck cardigan. This look can be easily dressed up or down.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Start with a shirt (t-shirt or button down) and throw on your cardigan. You can keep the buttons done up for a more smart look or leave them open to keep it casual. If you need more warmth, feel free to layer a vest on top of your cardigan.

Photo Credit: Pinterest



Scarves look great with field jackets, especially if you go for one with some print. You can either loop your scarf once around your neck or leave it hanging on either side with no loops. Feel free to wear your scarf under or on top of your jacket. I prefer under.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Outerwear for Short Men (In-Depth Guide) – Peter Manning NYC

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Puffer Vests

Puffer Vests look great under field jackets and give you that added warmth you need.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You can either go for a button down shirt, henley, sweater or sweatshirt. Once you have your base layer, you can add in your puffer vest. Your field jacket will go on top of the vest.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Tweed Vests

Tweed vests can also work with field jackets if you prefer a slightly dressier look. You can dress it up or down based on what else you choose to wear with your vest (I.e. jeans, chinos etc.).

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Start with a tucked in button down shirt and add your tweed vest on top. The fabric of the jacket in the above example is an example of a field jacket that looks slightly dessier, I would opt for that dressier style with a tweed vest.

Photo Credit: Stay Classic


Dressing Up a Field Jacket

If you find yourself wearing mostly dressier clothing, go for a field jacket that looks a bit dressier too. Usually going for khaki or a darker color with fewer pockets looks dressier. Avoid over-sized or distressed jackets if trying to dress up your field jacket.

Note: Field jackets do not replace a blazer. This is a smart causal look, not formal.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Styles that work for dressing up = minimal and simple

Photo Credit: Bonobos

Photo Credit: Banana Republic


Colors and Prints

Field jackets come in classic colors like green, tan, brown, navy and black. Green is probably the most popular. If you prefer to dress your jacket up, go for a tan, brown or navy.

Casual Styles

Field jackets made of mostly cotton have a tendency to look more casual. Here are some examples of jackets that appear more casual.
















Dressed Up Styles

Jackets made of nylon, polyester or waxed cotton will look more dressy.












Outfit Examples

Below are some of my favorite outfits with a field jacket. If you want more outfit inspiration, checkout my Men’s Field Jacket Pinterest Board


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest



Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Pinterest



Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Hope you enjoyed this post and are excited to rock your field jacket with confidence! Feel free to ask questions in the comments below!

Men’s Style: Plus Size Men’s Style Tips

A reader recently reached out to me and wanted advice for plus size guys. Our conversation was mostly about fit and it inspired me to write this post. I work with all types of men including those who wear XXS to those who wear 3XL and I understand the struggle in finding the right clothes. Fit matters no matter what size you are.

Before I begin, I just want to say: no matter what shape or size you are, you are amazing the way you are. Gone are the days where women need to feel like they need to be a size 0 or men need to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Instead, it’s all about individuality, personal style, how your clothes fit and your character that gets compliments and positive attention.

I also want to acknowledge brands that have been introducing inclusive sizing in their clothing and ad campaigns. In fact, I’ve been seeing some plus size style bloggers I follow pop up more and more in ads for brands like Bonobos, Target, Express, DXL, ASOS etc.

I want to dedicate this post to all my plus size fellas out there. I appreciate each one of you and would love to make shopping fun and easy for you.

In order to achieve a modern style, clothing should fit well, which often gets confused with “my clothes should fit tight”. Instead, when you are plus size, there’s a sweet spot between too loose and too tight you want to nail. In this post we’ll talk about how to achieve a fitted look by honoring body proportions and tips and tricks for appearing more stylish.

Lesson 1: Balance is Key

Use your clothing to balance your upper and lower body. What does this mean? If you carry more weight on the top part of your body, don’t go for tight skinny jeans. Why? This creates the “popsicle” effect – two small sticks at the bottom (legs) and way more volume at the top (upper body). Instead, ditch the extra tight jeans and go for a tapered leg or slim fit. “Tapered” means the pants slowly slim down from knee to ankle, giving you the slim/skinny look, without being too snug in the seat and thigh. You can get a tailor to taper any of your current jeans that you feel have too wide of a leg.

Below is an example of a balanced look. The top body and bottom work well together because neither is too tight or too loose compared to the other.

Photo Credit: @chubstr

Below is an example of what you should avoid. The pants are too slim at the bottom and don’t balance with the top half of the body. Instead, if the leg opened up a bit, there would be more balance.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Lesson 2: Clothes Should Follow Your Body, Not Hug It

Wearing clothes too tight isn’t going to achieve the modern look you think it might. Instead, tight clothes hug and define each curve, which can sometimes be unflattering. Instead, get clothing that follows along your body. You want your clothing to slightly shape you, but still leave things to the imagination. For example, a t-shirt should shape your shoulders and arms, but when it comes to your stomach, it should falls straight, not define each curve.

Tip: You might need a tailor to take in your shirt to give you more shape – whether it’s in the waist or length. This is a better option than buying a shirt slightly too tight.

The example below shows how a t-shirt can shape you, but keep things smooth and straight.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is an example of what happens when a shirt is too tight. It starts to define each curve.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Below is an example of jeans being slightly too tight. Instead, like the examples above with slim or tapered jean, you want a little more room and your clothing to follow your leg, not hug it.

Photo Credit: ASOS

Lesson 3: How to Tuck Your Shirt

You can totally tuck in your shirts. However, make sure you wear your pants below your stomach for a more flattering look when tucking. Otherwise, your pants will cut you right in the middle of your stomach creating extra dents and folds in your stomach.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Tip: Cuffing your tapered pants, like in the photo on the right, is a stylish touch you can add to your look.

Lesson 4: Untucked Length

You can also untuck your shirt, but be careful with length. You don’t want the shirt too long or it will make you look like you have shorter legs. You may have to get your shirt hemmed to the right length to achieve this modern look. The length int he photo below is perfect (middle of your zipper)

Photo Credit: Extra Inches

As you go up in size, manufacturers sometimes make shirts longer. This doesn’t mean you have to wear your shirt that long. When considering the length of your shirt, think about two things: your height and what looks flattering.

If your shirt is going past your zipper and into thigh territory, there’s a chance it’s too long. You don’t want your upper body to appear way longer than your legs. In the example below, the shirt is too long. I want to see it about 4 inches shorter.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

When deciding the length of your shirt, you should also consider what is going to look flattering. If you carry more weight in your upper body and your jeans hold the bottom of your stomach, consider having your shirt cover that area for a more flattering look. It could be your pants are a bit tight in the seat and thighs if your lower stomach is well defined in your pants.

The example below explains what I am referring to when I say your pants hold the bottom of your stomach. This example is with joggers and it looks okay because the joggers aren’t super tight at the top. However, once you get into jeans, especially skinny jeans with stretch, it will start to define each curve in the bottom of your stomach. That is the part I recommend covering with your shirt. Again, you can avoid the unflattering definition by going for pants that have more room in the seat and thigh.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Lesson 5: Create Vertical Panels 

Not only are vertical panels elongating, but they look stylish too! What I mean by vertical panels is wearing an open shirt or a cool jacket to break up the top half of your body into vertical lines.

Photo Credit: Extra Inches 

Lesson 6: Layers are Awesome

Not only is layering fashionable, but its great for plus size men. Jackets pull everything together and create vertical panels for a more streamlined look. Jackets make a person look more stylish anyway, so as soon as fall rolls around, layer away.

Photo Credit: Pinterest, @adydelvalle

Lesson 7: Yes, You Can Wear Patterns

Don’t be afraid of wearing patterns. Patterns add style and individuality. However, it is good to note that bigger, bolder and high contrast patterns will make you appear bigger. If you don’t want to appear bigger, go for low contrast patterns (I.e. small spaced out prints, dark on dark patterns etc.) If you love bold shirts, you can create balance by not going too tight in your jeans and/or adding a layer on top to create vertical panels. You can also consider leaving your shirt open and wearing a t-shirt underneath with bold patterns like the photo in the vertical panels example.

Photo Credit: @StayHomme

Lesson 8: Add Flair Through Accessories

Have fun with things like patterned socks, bracelets, hats, belts, suspenders, cool backpacks, shoes and scarves. These little details are what makes someone appear stylish. Even if you want to wear dark colors, adding in accessories makes you look more modern and fun.

Photo Credit: The Big Fashion Guy


Lesson 9: Customize Your Clothing

There are more and more brands creating inclusive sizing, which is great. However, if nothing is floating your boat, check out custom options. Brands like Pacific Issue offer nice custom button down shirts for under $150. You will be wearing these clothes for a while, so consider your cost per wear.

If you don’t want to go custom, not a problem. Find clothing off the rack and then get it tailored to fit YOU. Alterations are not expensive and will make you look so much more put together and polished. It’s worth the extra $10-$20 you’re putting into your clothing. You can easily make pants and shirts shorter and take in shirts and leg openings. It’s hard to adjust shoulders on a shirt, so keep that in mind.


Lesson 10: Follow Stylish Guys on Social Media

Get a dose of inspiration from plus size guys making moves on instagram. This is great way to see how people are wearing different pieces and how they look on them. The point is get inspired and ideas on what you can add to your style.

Here are a couple of my favorites…


Kelvin Davis on Body Image and the Power of Fashion

LOVE this guy! I love his body positivity, style, smile and energy. Every time I look at his photos, I get inspired.


346 mentions J'aime, 19 commentaires - EXTRA-INCHES | Claus Fleissner (@ extra_inches_plussizeblog) sur Instagram : "A big … | Moda masculina, Homens gordinhos, Moda

Claus dresses so well! His modern and casual style is one to take note of. I love using his examples in my blog posts.


TheCurvyFashionista on Twitter: "Check out @The Big Fashion Guy rocking his @JCPenney! These Big & Tall Influencers Show You How to Rock JCPenney! https://t.co/Ng3VfXBPMt… https://t.co/yVmtLhVj0n"

Michael-Anthony has a classic style with hints of boldness. I love how we incorporates accessories in his look to add flair.

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Men’s Style: A Guide to Men’s Fall Shoes

It’s time for fall gentlemen! Fall is one of my favorite seasons because the earthy colors and layers come out to play, making it extra easy to be stylish. It’s also a great time to dust off your shoe collection and discover new ways to wear them.

I know shoe styles can feel limiting for men, but it’s all about going for colors, textures and prints to really step up your game. Gone are the days where you have your one go-to pair of shoes, now it’s time to have different shoes for your different moods (and outfits!).

Here are my favorite to have in your fall arsenal.



You already know I’m a huge fan of boots, I mean… look at this Ultimate Guide – now that’s passion! Every one of my clients has a couple pairs of nice boots for fall, winter and bring, which come in handy for day to day and dressing up. Let’s make sure you have the right pairs for hitting the sidewalks this fall. If you are need of a new pair, I want you to think outside of the box. The key is to switch it up and go for a new material like suede or introduce a style. Here are a couple of styles of boots i’m loving…

Suede Chelsea Boots

Suede shoes for fall are an excellent choice. You can dress suede up or down and it looks great. The softness of suede goes very well with the season.

STEVE MADDEN Highline Chelsea Boot, Main, color, TAUPE SUEDE

Photo Credit: Nordstrom


Outfit Example:


Photo Credit: Pinterest



Photo Credit: DailyMail

Tip: When wearing slim jeans, let your jeans naturally gather at the top of your boots for a rugged and casual look.

ASOS Chelsea Boots in Gray Suede

Photo Credit: ASOS

If you wear wider leg jeans, you can play around with exposing some of your boot for a rugged and casual style like this…

Black jeans combo with Galeao handmade boots. Iconic silhouette for men outfits

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you want a more clean look, try cuffing your jeans or chinos like this…

Deer Stags Shoes | Mens(8.5) Deer Stags Tribeca Chelsea Boots | Color: Brown/Tan | Size: 8.5

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Dress pants should always fall straight over your shoes (I.e. no cuffing).

Photo Credit: CarminaShoeMaker

If you want more tips on how to wear Chelsea boots, check out this board.


Brown Leather Work Boot

If you like more of a classic smart casual look, a work boot does the trick because it’s elevated, but not overly dressy.

ALDEN Work Boot, Main, color, BROWN

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Outfit Example:

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Tip: Cuff your jeans at the top of your work boots for an extra stylish look.

Wish to look tough and gentlemanly at the same time? Best of both worlds! Here is how!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Chukka Sneaker Boot

If you want to try something completely different, check out these chukka sneaker boots. They are great for the casual guy who want to look effortlessly stylish and keep up his casual vibe.

SANTONI Leland Chukka Boot, Main, color, BROWN SUEDE

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Outfit Example:


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Tip: Rolled chinos look great with a sneaker chukka

Photo Credit: Nisolo


Really really want to step it up? Check these out…

Saint Boot in Camo side view

Jack Boot in Walnut side view

Photo Credit: Taft

Tip: Printed boots look great with classic blue jeans and a neutral henley or sweater. You want to keep the rest of your outfit pretty minimal, so the attention can go to the boots.

Customer Photo

Photo Credit: Taft

If you want more ideas on how to wear boots, check out this board.


If you’re sick of the same ol’ sneakers, shake it up! Have you thought about sneakers with a bit of flair? By adding some fun prints and accents to your shoes, you can have stand out style without trying too hard. Bonus: if your style is minimalist or very neutral, these will really help you step up your game because they look great with neutral colors. If your style isn’t minimalist, doesn’t matter, these will turn heads and get you some compliments.





Photo Credit: Taft Shoes

Tip: When wearing printed shoes, try to stay in a similar color family of the shoes. For example, the red shoe looks great with an earthy brown or green pant because of the tan in the shoe. You can also pick a color from the shoe and wear it in your shirt if you want to add more color.

model walking in sneaker in red paisley

model in the klay sneaker

Photo Credit: Taft


Brown Leather Sneakers

Sneakers with a bit of flair not your thing? No problem. You might be a classic guy! For the classic guys out there, try adding a nice pair of brown leather sneakers to the mix. Brown leather sneakers add to your look and won’t make you look dressed down. Have you considered a hightop sneaker? Hightop sneakers are great if you are looking for something different. High tops come in handy when the weather cools down too!

Photo Credit: Grenson

Photo Credit: Ace Marks


Think of high top leather sneakers as a more casual boot option. These work great in cold weather and transitional seasons.


Photo Credit: Magnanni


Outfit Example:

Brown sneakers are a great choice!

Photo Credit: I Am Galla

Tip: Brown shoes add a nice pop of color to any outfit. This is especially true if you have a lot of dark or neutral colors in your wardrobe.

Photo Credit: Nisolo

If you want more ideas on how to wear sleek leather sneakers, check out this board.


There’s nothing like soft and rich fabrics as the leaves start falling.  Soft suede gives a feeling of warmth and lightness that should be coveted this season. Whether it’s bluchers, derbies, loafers or even sneakers, add in a pair of suede shoes to keep up with the autumn vibes. Make sure to protect your suede shoes with an all-weather protector and DO NOT wear suede in the rain (the protector will help if the rain catches you by surprise).

Feathercraft Grand Blucher Oxford

Photo Credit: Cole Haan

I’m really digging this suede wingtip sneaker because it’s so unique and eye-catching. You can wear this with rolled jeans and chinos for a unique look.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 7.52.15 PM

Photo Credit: Saks Fifth Ave

Try switching up the color of your shoes and add in colors like blues and greens.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 8.05.52 PM.png

Photo Credit: Sperry

Outfit Example:



Tip: While the weather is still warm, cuff your pants and throw on no show socks with your suede shoes for a stylish end of summer look.

Alright guys, I hope this article has inspired you to step up your shoe game this fall. It’s nice to have a couple of shoes in your rotation so you’re not wearing the same thing over and over again – not only will your shoes age faster, but you’re missing out on life! Also, remember to protect your shoes with a good spray to increase their lifespan. Just like our skin, real leather needs moisture, so apply a conditioner to leather shoes often. My favorite protecting spray is Jason Markk and their cleaner is great too. Here’s a good leather conditioner if you need one.

Feel free to like, comment or share this article if you found it helpful! Make sure you subscribe via email so I can keep you posted when new articles come out.

Catch you in the next one!


Authentic Confidence Will Change Your Life

What is confidence? It’s the belief and feeling that you are happy with who you are and you trust yourself. Self-confidence is contagious, it brings joy to all those in your presence. It’s a beautiful thing!

What brings confidence down? Doubting and not connecting with yourself. Low confidence can turn into a downward spiral of not only emotional self harm, but harm to others including people you love.

A confidence boost is something we can all use. Whether it’s dabbling in a new hobby, taking a different path on a walk or trying something new. These little boosts positively impact your mind and give you strength to keep trusting and pushing yourself.

As much as my career is focused on clothing, it’s focused on confidence. Whether it’s dressing for the job you want or telling yourself how awesome you are, these messages to your mind set up your day just right!

Join me in a little exercise: Close your eyes and think about what the best version of your self. What traits do they have? What are their values? How do they make those around them feel? How do they present themselves to the world? What’s noticeable about them when they walk into a room? Let’s bring in style: What does their power outfit feel like? Writing this down is very helpful!

Here’s my example:

Vision: For me it’s having magnetic energy that lets people feel comfortable around me. I love bringing to joy to people and lifting their spirits no matter who they are. My power outfit looks unique, artistic, and flattering. I want my wardrobe to start a conversation, which leads to bonding with another human. I’m 100% present with all those that engage with me and they feel this energy. I make space for whoever I’m with and whatever I’m doing. My goal is to bring happiness and confidence to people’s lives because I know happy individuals will make the world a better place. I want people to walk away from our conversation with excitement and new ideas!

What I gather from this:

  • Being present: meditation allows me to be focused and present, this should be a priority in my morning routine
  • Joy: I like making people laugh, so I shouldn’t shy away from humor
  • My wardrobe starts a conversation: have fun and interesting pieces in my wardrobe that others might consider “daring”
  • Make sure clothing is flattering: dress for my body, not trends – and take care of my body through food and exercise
  • Help people be happy: use my empathy to understand people’s pain points to really dig deep when I work with them
  • Have confidence: read books and listen to podcasts so I can learn new things and always have new ideas

Creating a vision of your best self not only lets you know what traits you already have and celebrate them, but what traits you can practice bringing into your life. It helps you understand your purpose and gives you a goal to work towards. This also starts to paint a picture of how you want to present yourself to the world. I do this exercise with my clients to better understand what they want their personal style to say. Maybe they want to feel more powerful at work because their current wardrobe makes feel juvenile? Maybe they moved to San Francisco from NYC where they used to wear suits and now need help dressing in a new casual environment without losing themselves? Or the big one: they want to feel more confident on dates and wearing a flattering outfit helps give them that boost!

Let’s dig a little deeper: Write down how you want your ideal self to look and feel like. Go as deep as you want. Go beyond appearance, talk about your ideal friendships, relationships, character, career, business, mental health, hobbies, accomplishments etc. Knowing where you want to go is the first step to getting there!

Here are a couple of books I love for confidence and self-awareness:
You are a Badass by Jen Sincero
Lost Connections by Johann Hari
Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

Ps. You’ll be surprised how strong the power of writing something down is. Check out this exercise called Your Ten Year Plan. I highly recommend doing it!

Hope you enjoyed this post and it empowers you to do a little digging 🙂

Men’s Style: Ditch the Hoodie

Here are jacket styles that are 100x more stylish than hoodies:

Shirt Jacket

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Is it a shirt? Is it a jacket? It’s both, a shacket! Shirt jackets are pretty cool. They work really well for transitional seasons like Spring and Fall by providing the perfect thin layer. Pair them with a t-shirt, jeans and some fresh white sneakers and… wow, look at you. Start with a neutral color like navy blue, green or black for easy pairing.


Denim Jacket

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Denim jackets are awesome! Best of all, there are not enough guys wearing them, which works in your benefit. Denim jackets are the perfect mid-layer and make a subtle style statement. Start with a black or grey jacket, that way you can easily pair it with your blue jeans and not worry about the whole Canadian Tuxedo thing. Denim jackets can also be referred to as Jean Jackets or Trucker Jackets.


Unstructured Blazer

Photo Credit: J. Crew


Before I scare you with the word “blazer”, the keyword here is “unstructured”. Unstructured blazers have the look of a blazer, but are not formal at all. They have the classic details like lapels, buttons, and pockets, but come in a range of styles from very casual, usually made of a thin cotton material, or something a tad dressier, usually made of a soft and stretchy sweater-like material. This is a great option for the guy who likes his looks on the dressy side.


Bomber Jacket

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Bomber jackets make an excellent layer. They come in a variety of fabrics: suede being on the dressy side of things, while nylon-blend (feel like a hoodie) being on the casual side. Bomber jackets are defined by their flat neck and elastic band at the hip. The elastic band does round out the upper body, so if your body shape is already round at the top, look for a bomber jacket without the elastic band.


Chore Jacket

Photo Credit: Nordstrom


Back in the day the chore jacket was popular amongst farmers and blue collar workers, but now they have become commonplace in the modern man’s wardrobe. A chore jacket embodies elements of a shirt jacket, but with more pockets. Chore jackets come in a range of materials from heavy, like wax, to something more thin and simple, like cotton.


Harrington Jacket

Photo Credit: Asos


Harrington jackets look very similar to bomber jackets, but the collar is folded and they don’t always come with the elastic band at the waist. Harrington jackets work really well with everything from casual to dressy clothing, making them super versatile. For example, you can wear it with a t-shirt and jeans or throw it over a dress shirt and slacks for work.

Which One Should You Go For?

To figure out what the best option for you is, look at your personal style. Are you a casual person? Go for the shirt or bomber jacket. If you like to keep things on the dressier side, a Harrington or unstructured blazer works really well. If you want a unique and modern look, go for a denim or chore jacket.

Now that you know what these jackets are called, go ahead and use the key terms to browse around. Most, if not all, of these jackets come in a variety of materials, like nylon-blend for indoors (i.e. feels like a hoodie) or polyester-blend for outdoor (i.e. feels like a rain jacket). 

Closet Cleanse 101

Got some time on your hands? Do a closet cleanse! It’s something we know we need to do, but keep putting off. No more excuses! Here are a couple of tips that I use when I help my clients cleanse away…

Set The Mood

Play some music, light a candle and have your favorite drink and snacks at hand.

Pull Out All Your Clothing

If you have multiple areas where you keep your clothing (I.e. another closet, dressers) you can do one at a time. If you have a rolling rack, use it, if you don’t, bed is fine.

A Piece At A Time

You are going to separate your clothing into piles of keep, donate and maybe. Also, categorize your “keeps” into piles of tops, skirts, pants, sweaters, shoes etc. You will try your “maybes” on after and make a decision (feel free to send a pic to a friend for a second opinion if you are unsure).


If some of your items were “maybes” because you didn’t know how to wear them and ended up making an outfit you loved, take a picture! It’s so much easier referring back to photos for outfit ideas, especially when you need to get ready quickly.

Shopping List

You might have some favorite pieces, but have no idea how to wear them or don’t have the right things to go with them. For example, you have a fabulous skirt, but no idea what top to wear. In your shopping list, you can write “Top for Green Striped Skirt”.

Hang And Fold

Now it’s time to put everything back. Put all clothing in the same category next to each other. Organize tops by sleeve length, fold sweaters (keep cashmere in a bag to avoid moth holes), hang pants, clip skirts, and hang dresses and jumpsuits by occasion and then length. Putting shoes next to each other the opposite way (heel of one shoe next to the toe of the other) is a huge space saver.

Alright, there you have it… a cleansed closet full of your favorites. You also have a shopping list to help round out your closet!

Feel free to ask any questions! I help my clients with closet cleanses all the time and they feel so free and light after filtering through the clutter.
Stay safe everyone and I hope you use your quarantine time productively!

Men’s Style: The Modern Style Statement

Do you love fun prints that stand out of the crowd? Are you not afraid to mix two opposite colors to create a noticeable look? If so, your style statement is “modern”. Modern menswear takes classic pieces and adds interesting details, prints and colors to make them stylish. For example, your classic button downs are worn half sleeve, your polo shirts have accents and your chinos are colorful and cut slim.

Modern Look Examples

Photo Credit: @rules_of_thumb, @iamcharisteas

Photo Credit: Pinterest, What My Boyfriend Wore

Ironically, modern style has elements of the 1950s, when menswear consisted of fitted clothing and clean lines. Remember Back to the Future? That was set in the 50s! Modern menswear takes the 50s look and makes them current by adding a little flair to the pieces. The modern man’s image says he’s creative and doesn’t want to blend in with the crowd.

Key Pieces

The modern guy’s wardrobe consists of classic pieces like button downs, chinos, jeans, and polos, but they all have a twist. Your prints are fun and bold, your jeans are colored and slim, and if your socks are exposed, they usually have an eye-catching pattern showcasing your personality.

Button Down Shirts

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Your button down shirts come in long sleeves, but more importantly short sleeves! You don’t care for classic prints like plaid or stripes, instead, you go for repeated geometric, floral, and novelty prints. Your shirts make you feel like life is a vacation!

Polo Shirts

Photo Credit: Ted Baker

You embrace the preppy look of polo shirts, but make them modern with stand out details. Whether it’s repeated patterns, interesting pockets, fun collars or details like stripes across the chest, modern style finds a way to bring a polo shirt back to life.


Photo Credit: Bonobos, Ted Baker

You could wear jeans like everyone else, but why do that? Instead, chinos are the go-to for the modern man. Your chinos should fit slim and can even be ankle cut from time to time to add a little flair. One of your favorite outfits is a colorful chino paired with a fun printed shirt.


Photo Credit: Rag and Bone, 7 for All Mankind

Alright, fine…you’ll wear jeans, but they can’t be boring! Going for non-blue jeans is the perfect way to make your look modern. Try colored jeans like white, burgundy, green, and khaki.


Photo Credit: Ted Baker, Michael Kors

When it comes to jackets, you like going for style forward options like bomber jackets, shirt jackets, and suede. Adding color through your jacket is totally an option! You want clean lines and minimal pockets for a sleek and modern look.


Photo Credit: @matthewzorpas, Paul Smith

The modern guy makes a classic suit look pretty cool! Whether it’s pairing it with sneakers, a fun printed shirt or going for a bold all over print, your look isn’t an ordinary black or grey suit.


Photo Credit: Paul Smith, Common Projects

Dressy sneakers help you dress down your otherwise polished look, but still keep it style forward. You go for interesting details and colors in your shoes too! If going for a busy shoe, it’s important to create the outfit around the shoe (i.e. don’t have too many competing prints and colors in your outfit).


Photo Credit: Taft, Johnstron and Murphy

You stick to classic silhouettes and even go for dressy options when it comes to boots. You want your boots to be slim cut and keep up with your polished look. A brogue boot with interesting materials or colors is a great choice!

Oxford and Derby Shoes

Photo Credit: Admirateur, Common Projects

If you need to dress up a bit, you’ll go for classic oxford or derby shoes. Going for details like a wooden outsole makes the look modern. To keep the look fashion forward, you’ll roll up your slim chinos and throw on some no show socks.


Photo Credit: Ted Baker

If your socks are exposed, they are bold, bright, and show your personality. Fun socks are a stylish detail more men need to rock! The modern guy isn’t afraid of being daring, especially with his socks.

…and that’s how you dress if your style statement is modern! Again, a big piece of the modern look is to have fun with prints, details and colors that are out of the ordinary. Your stand out style shows you’re an interesting person who has a lot to say through their clothes. This is one of my favorite looks that can be easy to achieve with the right pieces, and now you know what they are.

Men’s Style: The Rugged Style Statement

Did you know everyone has a style they are innately attracted to? Yes, even you! Whenever I work with a new client, I make them do an exercise where they share a couple of images of style THEY think is attractive with me. From this exercise, clients learn so much about themselves and what details they care about. It’s also fascinating to see how different everyone’s aesthetics preferences are.

Understanding what you like is very helpful when it comes to updating your style because it gives you a direction to follow and build on. I call this your style statement! That being said, there are a couple of men’s aesthetics out there, so i’ve decided to do a series of posts defining each one to help you better understand what yours is. The beauty of understanding different aesthetics is you can mix and match them to create a look truly unique to you.

This week we are focusing on the “rugged” look. What is “rugged” style you ask? Men who like the rugged look keep their style practical and casual, however they add in hints of edginess through a military aesthetic.

Men’s Rugged Style Examples

Having a couple of button undone on your henley shows your casual side

Denim jackets in grey and black help achieve a rugged look

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The boots have a distressed feel to them

Field Jackets are a must-have

Photo Credit: Zimbio, Pinterest

The rugged guys’ boots look broken in, his clothes have a bit of distressed detail in them, and he doesn’t care to look so clean cut. Rugged guys like their color palette consisting mostly of earthy and neutrals colors like olive green, burgundy, burnt orange, grey, blue, black and white. A couple of pieces that stand out in the rugged aesthetic are: jeans, denim jackets, field jackets, henleys, bracelets, leather, boots and sneakers.

Key Pieces for the Rugged Look

The rugged aesthetic takes casual clothing and adds a hint of edge through subtle patterns and focuses on small details like the style of buttons. The Rugged guy’s boots say he isn’t afraid to get them dirty, his jackets have a military touch to them and his prints and patterns are muted and subtle.

Here are a couple of key pieces that can help get your look started…


Photo Credit: Bloomingdales

Going for jeans and pants neutral and earthy colors can help you achieve the aesthetic. Rugged guys dress for the outdoors and their color choice reflects that. Guys with a rugged aesthetic avoid bright colored bottoms.



Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Going for henleys with interesting closures at the neck is a subtly edgy detail that brings out a masculine style. Additionally, going for textures in your henley makes it not look so clean, for example, a ribbed or waffle henley is a great choice.


Photo Credit: Bloomingdales

Solid t-shirts are an easy go to. However, t-shirts with subtle patterns can help your otherwise muted look stand out a bit more. Again, rugged guys avoid bright colors and stick to muted and earthy tones like olive green, blue, grey or burgundy.

Polo Shirts

Photo Credit: Bloomingdales

The rugged guy can totally rock a polo shirt without looking like he’s going golfing. The key is to go for some cool details like edgy buttons or no buttons at all to make the polo look very casual.

Button Down Shirts

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Being rugged doesn’t mean you avoid button downs, you just go for a specific style. When the rugged guy dresses up, he’s not afraid to have a bit of sheen in his shirts like the blue example above. Plaid shirts totally work, but the key here is to make sure the colors stay in the muted, earthy or neutral categories. Rolling up your sleeves is always a great idea for the rugged guy.


Field and Shirt Jackets

Photo Credit: Bloomingdales

Field and shirt jackets are perfect for the rugged aesthetic. Field jackets have a military look to them and can be paired with any casual tops. Alternatively, if you want to dress up a bit, a suede brown jacket will be the perfect layer.

Casual Blazers

Photo Credit: J. Crew

The rugged man keeps his blazers unstructured and in casual fabrics like knit and cotton. He likes the look of a blazer, but wants nothing to do with their formalness of it.

Suede and Leather Jackets

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Leather is a great addition to your wardrobe, especially when trying to achieving a rugged style. Leather works for dressing up your outfits, while suede can help keep them a bit more casual.


Photo Credit: Bloomingdales, Thursday Boot

Casual boots are an easy go-to footwear choice. When it comes to the style of boot, you can go for a hiking, combat or work boot. Wearing your pants over your boots or tucked into the top of the boot are both great options.


Photo Credit: Frye, John Varvatos

When going for sneakers, rugged guys like to go for something a little different. The two examples above are unique because of their color, distressed feel, pattern choice and small stand out details. You want your sneakers to look broken in, brown leather or black and grey patterns helps achieve that.


Photo Credit: John Varvatos, Etsy: Hagar Talmore

Don’t be afraid to accessorize a bit! Going for cool scarves with muted colors, interesting blends and subtle patterns makes your look stylish and unique. Your look embraces the outdoors, so leather bracelets go hand in hand with it… no pun intended!

…and that’s how you achieve a rugged look! This is a great choice for the understated guys out there who still want style, but not take it over the top. The overall look is pretty casual, but the key is to have hints of unique details to keep it stylish.