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Here’s what clients have to say:

Super impressed with Supreet, and couldn’t recommend her more highly. If you’re a guy who is looking to have someone buy great looking clothes for you, while giving you some SIMPLE, easy to follow guidelines so you can fish yourself, go with Supreet.

Supreet came to my place, spent a good amount of time getting to know me and tease out what sort of clothes I was looking for, took a look at my wardrobe, and was off! We met up a few weeks later, and it was a whirlwind of stores and clothes. I feel extremely confident wearing my new clothes, and more importantly, I feel confident I could find some clothes myself that would look good down the road.

One last thing — Supreet’s follow through even after the appointment has been great. I had a few follow-up questions, and she’s been great about answering with a ton of information. 10/10 would work with her again.

Kevin Y, San Francisco

I had a great experience with Supreet! We first started with an initial consultation at my place. Then, a couple weeks later, we spent a couple hours just shopping. Supreet made it all really easy. She knew exactly which brands would fit me and already had a couple outfits picked out at each store for me to try. All I had to do was try them on see which ones worked. Now I have a whole new wardrobe full of great outfits that make me look great.

If you’re a guy like me who hates shopping for clothes, I highly recommend Supreet!

Jeffrey C, San Jose

Supreet is absolutely amazing and I would recommend her to anyone. She was able to pick up my exact style and clothing preferences/needs during our initial consultation. I have used multiple personal shoppers in the past in multiple cities and have had mixed experiences. After having tried multiple personal shoppers in the area that I was disappointed with, my experience with Supreet was refreshing and productive. She took photos of some of my favorite outfits and listened to my wardrobe needs and was able to suggest pieces that would help refresh and pull my wardrobe together.

My shopping day with Supreet was nothing short of amazing and I am still amazed at how much she found the perfect style, fits and colors for me. She picked out pieces that I would not have thought would work for me, but they were all amazing! I feel that she went above and beyond before, during and after our shopping trip and emailed me ideas for other items after our shopping day.

I have never said this before about a personal shopper…but I have found my perfect match in Supreet and will be a client of hers as longs as possible. Thank you Supreet!

Amy L, Redwood City

Supreet totally changed my outlook on style while not breaking the bank.  I found her consulting services online and decided to give her a shot.  She was very professional, understanding, and easy-going.

I used to look for gaudy, ironic print T’s but she made me open my eyes to the basics, the simple things that look good and didn’t cost nearly as much as what I used to pay.  She upgraded my style while downgrading the cost – this was totally a win-win!  Essentially, her services paid for itself in more ways than one.

I highly recommend Supreet for style consultation – she really knows what she’s doing and won’t make a normal guy pay for high-end, brand name goods just to look good.  You won’t be disappointed.

Eric L, San Francisco

Supreet was world class. She made me the best looking version of myself I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like I walked into a machine and came out a super model.

The assignment I gave her was challenging and unusual. I needed clothing specifically optimized for a photo shoot. The photo shoot was being done for my personal dating ad. I made this clear to her up front and she was super understanding of my specific goal. She was able to provide me a foundational style direction but also give me honest and valuable visual tips from a female perspective. She is a great image consultant in general, but she also has a specialized background working with models that are shot by photographers and arranging clothing brand advertisements. She demonstrated what works in front of the camera lens from both a style and technical perspective.

As another challenge I’m also a very ectomorph skinny guy. Normally this prohibits me from wearing most clothing. This did not stop Supreet though, she was able to quickly size up which brands naturally fit my build. This is not just a matter of finding a size number, it’s also about cut. I ended up with brands I never even knew existed that I’m now confident in going back to.

When I arrived at the store I was surprised how much she had prepared for me. She had a room full of clothes neatly stacked and we went through them in a rapid assembly line. She kept mental notes of everything, relieving me of most of the work. She was determined to get “a look” she had in mind. She did not just pick the first thing she saw. She constantly challenged herself to up the ante and make me look even better.

Thank you Supreet for making me the best version of myself I’ve ever been.

Alex C, Berkley

I highly recommend working with Supreet  to revitalize your wardrobe. I do not generally enjoy shopping or thinking about clothes, but Supreet made the experience of updating my wardrobe both painless and fun.

First, Supreet came to my apartment and did a thorough analysis of my style and needs. She was an excellent listener, taking notes and following up with more questions until she fully appreciated my responses.

Next, came the shopping trip. We blasted through dozens of tops, bottoms and dresses at two different stores, until I found a solid variety of the styles and items that I was looking for. Supreet was well-prepared in advance and high energy during the shopping, giving me a very efficient and pleasant experience. While I would normally dread paging through clothes and finding my particular style and size – Supreet made this all easy.

Now, I have something new and fun and me for every day of the week, as well as the weekends. My husband finds that I’m wearing more flattering clothing and appreciates that I was finally able to retire items that I’d held onto from 15+ years ago.

Thank you Supreet!

Jessica F, San Francisco

After seeing the results, I know that working with the stylist Supreet was one of the best choices I have made all year! I hadn’t even realized this service existed until a couple months ago. I was at first a little reluctant to dedicate so much time and money to my wardrobe. I quickly realized how valuable it could be to let a stylist like Supreet help me improve and organize my wardrobe.

I work for a startup and I’m generally cheap when it comes to clothing. That said, I hate when new clothes quickly fall apart. Supreet quickly learned my personality as it fit with my clothes and style. She understood my added challenge of finding clothes that fit for a tall, fit guy. I’m 6’5” and not overweight – for whatever reason, most clothes made for tall men in the U.S. seem to be made for tall, overweight men.

This shopping trip was unlike any other. Supreet selected two stores from which I could find both high quality but not terribly expensive clothes. Her knowledge of men’s clothing and time invested in preparing for this trip was apparent from the start. She had pre-selected an awesome and exhaustive selection of shirts, pants, and suits and jackets. I gave her the fun specific challenge of replacing my scrappy hoodies with something both comfortable and professional. One of the stores does most of their sales through in-store measuring and then delivery with in-home final selection. Supreet helped me choose the right variety of clothing both in store and at home so that I could see what’s out there and hone in on what was right for me.

In the end, both the time and money was worth it. I go into work and business meetings knowing that I’m both presentable and comfortable. Then I can head straight to the bars and still feel solid about my clothing choice. If you’re looking for an update in wardrobe with clothing that fits you, go with Supreet!

Chris R, San Francisco

I would highly recommend working with Supreet! I have never met anyone who has the same balance of pure intuition for what looks good on a given person with the ability to listen carefully to personal preference. She was able to come in, check out my wardrobe, and compile a list of clothes within the next day. She completely transformed my look and I’ve been extremely satisfied.

Andrew B, San Francisco

So I’m more or less your normal SF guy–I usually wear jeans and some sort of button down most days, with some t-shirts mixed in there. I decided it was finally time to change it up though and wasn’t sure where to start.

I reached out to Style by Supreet after a mutual friend recommended Supreet for some style consulting services. I’d thought about having a stylist help me refresh my wardrobe as it’d been a couple years since I’d bought any new clothes, and I’m glad I did!

Our first brief meeting was at my place to discuss her services, what kind of style I was looking for, and to look through my closet to see what pieces I already had and to get a sense of how I dressed. We scheduled a shopping day the next weekend, and when we met up downtown she had already picked out a few stores for us to visit. Supreet for the most part picked out things she thought I should try, while i got to get some of my input in there as well. The whole day was both efficient and fun– it didn’t feel like a professional consultation as much as hanging out with a friend (and buying clothes).

I should also add that the entire consultation ended up being cheaper (!) than I expected. Supreet was even able to find me cheaper versions of a couple of the items that I liked while we were shopping.

I ended up buying and keeping a jacket, two pairs of boots, and a couple shirts and pants, all of which I’ve been putting into my clothing rotation. I definitely feel more confident when I’m out, and have even gotten a couple nice compliments while on dates!

Can’t recommend SBS enough, especially if you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe/style and don’t know where to start!

Eugene C, San Francisco

I brought Supreet on board to help style men’s wear for our fall lookbook. It was a pleasure working with her. She dedicated more time than needed to make sure all the wardrobe were good to go before the day of the shoot. She is very knowledgable with what’s currently trending at the moment and had a say in what pieces needed to be included in the shoot. I’m very happy with how all of the looks turned out. She listened well to our needs and she also had plenty of valuable input for each look. It was great working with her!

Diana T, San Francisco