Men’s Style: How to Layer Field Jackets for Fall

As the cooler weather sets in, it’s time to start thinking of ways to warm up… stylishly, of course. In this series I want to teach you the art of layering. Layering is one of the easiest things you can do to look stylish. Whether it’s jackets, scarves, cardigans or vests, you can layer it all. This post focuses on one of my favorite jacket styles for men: Field Jackets (also called M83 or a utility jacket).

Field jackets are great for transitional seasons like fall because you can wear them on their own or layer away. Field jackets are versatile because they look great with casual and dressier outfits alike.


How to Layer a Field Jacket

Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets look awesome under field jackets. When wearing a denim jacket, go for color in your pants (I.e. burgundy, khaki, black, cream, green etc)

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Start with your shirt (henley, t-shirt or button down) and then your denim jacket. You can close your denim jacket buttons or leave them open, totally up to you. Top off your outfit with a field jacket and a scarf if you would like.

Photo Credit: He Spoke Style

If you need to shed a layer once you get indoors, unbutton your denim jacket.


Denim Shirts

Denim Shirts add a nice contrast to field jackets (and make a perfect alternative if you don’t like denim jackets).

The example below shows how nicely denim and green contrast. I love the idea of a printed field jacket to really stand out of the crowd.

Photo Credit: Southern Gents


Your jeans don’t have to wear ripped to pull off this look.



Cardigans work great under field jackets if you prefer a softer layer. You can go for a shawl neck or classic V neck cardigan. This look can be easily dressed up or down.

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Start with a shirt (t-shirt or button down) and throw on your cardigan. You can keep the buttons done up for a more smart look or leave them open to keep it casual. If you need more warmth, feel free to layer a vest on top of your cardigan.

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Scarves look great with field jackets, especially if you go for one with some print. You can either loop your scarf once around your neck or leave it hanging on either side with no loops. Feel free to wear your scarf under or on top of your jacket. I prefer under.

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Outerwear for Short Men (In-Depth Guide) – Peter Manning NYC

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Puffer Vests

Puffer Vests look great under field jackets and give you that added warmth you need.

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You can either go for a button down shirt, henley, sweater or sweatshirt. Once you have your base layer, you can add in your puffer vest. Your field jacket will go on top of the vest.

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Tweed Vests

Tweed vests can also work with field jackets if you prefer a slightly dressier look. You can dress it up or down based on what else you choose to wear with your vest (I.e. jeans, chinos etc.).

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Start with a tucked in button down shirt and add your tweed vest on top. The fabric of the jacket in the above example is an example of a field jacket that looks slightly dessier, I would opt for that dressier style with a tweed vest.

Photo Credit: Stay Classic


Dressing Up a Field Jacket

If you find yourself wearing mostly dressier clothing, go for a field jacket that looks a bit dressier too. Usually going for khaki or a darker color with fewer pockets looks dressier. Avoid over-sized or distressed jackets if trying to dress up your field jacket.

Note: Field jackets do not replace a blazer. This is a smart causal look, not formal.

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Styles that work for dressing up = minimal and simple

Photo Credit: Bonobos

Photo Credit: Banana Republic


Colors and Prints

Field jackets come in classic colors like green, tan, brown, navy and black. Green is probably the most popular. If you prefer to dress your jacket up, go for a tan, brown or navy.

Casual Styles

Field jackets made of mostly cotton have a tendency to look more casual. Here are some examples of jackets that appear more casual.
















Dressed Up Styles

Jackets made of nylon, polyester or waxed cotton will look more dressy.












Outfit Examples

Below are some of my favorite outfits with a field jacket. If you want more outfit inspiration, checkout my Men’s Field Jacket Pinterest Board


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Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Hope you enjoyed this post and are excited to rock your field jacket with confidence! Feel free to ask questions in the comments below!

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