Men’s Style: How to Wear Burgundy Pants

Whenever a client asks me how they can stand out in the sea of neutral colored clothes available to men, I tell them to add some color to their pants. It’s so easy for men to gravitate towards easy neutral or classic colors, but why not switch it up a bit?

One color you’ll notice that i’m always sure to mention in my guides and posts is burgundy. Burgundy is the easiest color you can add into the mix after you’ve covered your basic blue, black and grey bottoms. It’s a color that men don’t naturally gravitate towards, but once they see how I pair it into a look, they love it! Trust me, it’s one of those colors everyone hesitates on at first sight, but once they try it on, it’s a game changer.

The beauty of burgundy is you can keep things calm by wearing it with navy blue, grey, white or black or be a bit more colorful by pairing it with a light pink, chambray blue, olive green, or dark khaki. Bonus: If you’re looking to create a minimal wardrobe, this color can easily be thrown into the mix.

Any garment that you see in a neutral color (i.e. cream henley) can be worn as a different garment (i.e. cream t-shirt). Your neutral colors are: navy, grey, white, cream and black.

Where it gets slightly trickier is with the blue and pink button downs. I would suggest only wearing those colors in the form button downs with burgundy pants because the collar shirt helps create the smart-casual look, while a pink t-shirt doesn’t achieve much. Wearing button downs in neutral colors is perfectly fine.


  • Top: Cream
  • Jacket: Jean jacket, Navy, Olive Green, Dark Khaki
  • Shoes: Brown
  • Top: Grey
  • Jacket: Jean Jacket, Navy, Olive Green, Dark Khaki
  • Shoes: Any color in diagram
  • Top: Light Pink
  • Jacket: Dark Grey
  • Shoes: Brown
  • Top: Medium Blue or Chambray
  • Jacket: Light Grey, Navy, Olive Green, Dark Khaki
  • Shoes: Any color in diagram
  • Top: White
  • Jacket: Jean Jacket, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Navy, Olive Green, Dark Khaki
  • Shoes: Back, Brown
  • Top: Navy
  • Jacket: Jean Jacket, Olive Green, Dark Khaki
  • Shoes: White, Black, Brown



Photo Credit: Pinterest

Dark Khaki + Denim Jacket + White Printed Button Down + Burgundy Pants + Brown Shoes

I love this combination of layering! The brown jacket meshes really well with the denim jacket and burgundy pants. It’s best to keep the shirt underneath on the light side to add some slight contrast.


Photo Credit: Instagram @BlakeScott

Navy Jacket + Chambray Shirt + Burgundy Pants + Brown Shoes

Chambray and burgundy make a fun combination that is sure to make your outfit pop. It’s best to wear this combination with a brown shoe and a dark jacket to tone things down.


Photo Credit: I Am Galla

Light grey jacket + White Shirt + Burgundy Print Tie + Burgundy Pants + Brown Shoes

If you want to dress up your burgundy bottoms, pairing the look with a light grey blazer, crisp white dress shirt and a burgundy tie to match is such a beautiful combination. If you have burgundy dress pants, this outfit is perfect for a wedding or speaking engagement where you want to stand out. Going for black or medium brown shoes would complete the look really well. You could also do a white shirt with a subtle microprint to make it even more fun like navy, black, or grey.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Light pink shirt + Burgundy Pants + Brown Shoes

I like the idea of wearing burgundy with light pink for a monochromatic look. This look is best with brown shoes to keep up with the softness.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Burgundy goes really well with other earthy tones like green, without making your look too bright or colorful. The navy blue sweater under the green jacket help keep the look toned down.

Olive Green Jacket + Navy Sweater + Burgundy Pants + White Shoes


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Dark Grey Jacket + Light Grey Shirt + Burgundy Pants + Brown Shoes

A dark grey or brown blazer pairs really well with burgundy and helps keep the look toned down. Going for a light grey shirt helps keep the look soft and not have too much contrast.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Olive Green Jacket + Black T-Shirt + Black Shoes

I added this image mostly to show how clean black boots and burgundy pants look together. I also want to note pairing earthy tones like olive green and burgundy works well together, but isn’t a look for people who like to keep things unstated.

Alright friends, I’ve prepped you on all the ways you can wear this awesome color. If you’re still not sold on the pants, try wearing burgundy as a top. Burgundy henleys, t-shirts and sweaters look great and can pair easily with neutral bottoms. It’s a tiny step in color, but a huge step in standing out of the crowd and looking effortlessly stylish. The world of burgundy pants awaits you!

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