Style By Supreet is a personal styling service based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Supreet brings her 10+ years of fashion styling experience to create beautiful wardrobes that represent her client’s best self. Supreet’s tried and true system creates long lasting wardrobes that can be worn for years on end because they are based on personal style and quality. Supreet believes in empowering clients with knowledge, so as you go through your program, you will learn so much about yourself, how to shop, your best fits and what brands are made for you and your style.

Supreet’s Style Philosophy: It’s not about flashy labels, it’s about creating authentic confidence by establishing your personal style. Understanding your personal style is so important because it helps you create a long lasting sustainable wardrobe that can be worn for years. Supreet’s intuition helps pull out your personal style, while her strategic shoppings skills bring it to life. Less is more. Quality beats quantity. Wear every piece in your wardrobe with excitement and confidence.

As a stylist, Supreet works with all types of clients from all sorts of different backgrounds, body types, ages, genders, orientations, careers, needs and lifestyles. What do all of her clients have in common? They want to focus on their goals, purpose and aspirations, rather than stress about what to wear everyday. No matter who you are, personal styling is for you! 

– Personal styling is for you if you…
– Have gone through a body changes
– Started a new job
– Moved to a new city
– Hate shopping
– Don’t know what to buy
– Are worried about “looking stupid”
– Want to look like a leader
– Bored of your clothes
– Have no idea what you are doing
– Afraid to waste money
– Don’t know what quality clothing is
– Didn’t grow up caring about clothes
– Dating
– Have to appear on television
– Public speaking
– Feel like you have nothing to wear