Women’s Beauty: The Best Makeup Remover I’ve Ever Used

Please note: I am not sponsored by this product, I just REALLY REALLY love it. Any Amazon links are affiliate, thanks in advance!

If I had to look back at 2018 and think about what my best purchase was, hands down it was my The Original Makeup Eraser makeup remover cloth. I used to be all about the wet makeup wipes, but after seeing how much waste and breakouts were produced from disposable wipes, I wanted a better solution. There I was, wandering the aisles of Costco and I spotted this peculiar item promising to erase my makeup (including waterproof mascara… what?!) with just warm water and this terry cloth like towel. If you know me, I’ll try anything once, so I bought it.


Much to my surprise, this towel did exactly what it said it would do. I have a tendency to be super lazy before bed, but I know I HAVE to take my makeup off before catching some Z’s or i’ll break out (great motivation, right?). What I like about the towel is there is a short fiber side you use for removing make up and the longer fiber side for exfoliating. Make up was off, skin was exfoliated, and I was ready for bed in minutes!

Here’s how to use the cloth:

Step 1: wash your cloth before first use

Step 2: wet your face with warm water

Step 3: wipe away (not too hard)

Step 4: use it until it starts getting very dirty

Step 5: throw it in the wash 

I’ve had mine for about a year now and there’s no wear in sight. Don’t let the $20 price tag throw you off, it’s totally worth it. The Original Makeup Eraser promises to last for at least 1000 machine washes and I wash mine about every two weeks. I haven’t tried any of the knock offs on Amazon, but judging from the reviews, I rather stick to the Original Makeup Eraser. My biggest concern is for it last a long time and quality, so I rather buy and support something I trust.

If you’ve been looking for a cost-effective, chemical-free, environmentally friendly makeup removal system that actually works, looks like you’ve struck gold! I personally get the pink one because it’s easier to find in my laundry and I can easily see when it’s time to wash it.

If you want it in the next 2 days, you can find The Original Make Up Eraser on Amazon Prime

Here are the other colors available (with links!):

Note: Amazon links are connected to my affiliate program, thanks in advance!  

Lastly, give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve decided to ditch wet wipes. According to the Makeup Remover website, about 7.6 billion pounds of wipes are thrown out each year! That’s absolutely ridiculous! Well, now that you found a better solution, come join the movement and save a little moola while you’re at it! 

Want to see the cloth in action? I like this girl’s video…

If you’ve tried the cloth, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading!



Beauty: Search for the Best Natural Deodorant

Hey guys, I’ve updated this list with my latest findings. Finally found a deodorant that works for me!

If you know me, you know I’m always on the hunt to replace my day-to-day beauty products with natural ones. One that has proved difficult to find is a natural and aluminum-free deodorant that actually works. I stopped using aluminum based deodorant a couple of years ago when I read aluminum prevents the body from detoxing.

After wanting to give up, I decided to do another round of testing and am happy to say… I think I finally found it!

I’ve tested out 9 natural deodorants and here are my results:

1. Native, $12.00 – OMG Love! 


This is the latest one I’ve tried and I gotta say I LOVE it! It’s the only one that has worked for me so far, especially for keeping odor away. I wish they made a clear version since some white deodorants can make my underarms dark, however this hasn’t been too bad about it. I really like lavender & rose scented one, but they do have an unscented one for those who prefer that. Want a free travel size deodorant when you buy a full size one? Here’s a link for ya!

2. Primal Pit Paste– Almost!


I was excited when I first heard about Paleo Pit Paste. It was available at my local health food store and at a decent price point. It worked for combatting odor and wetness, but it started burning my underarms (ouch!). I was talking to a friend recently about natural deodorants and she told me they have a baking soda free version out now, which I think is the culprit. Since i’m hooked on Native, I haven’t tried it the baking soda free version.

3. Crystal, 3 for $17– I wish!


If Crystal Natural Deodorant works for you, amazing! It’s the most cost effective. Unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough for me. Worst of all, my clothes started smelling (nightmare for a fashionista!). However, the reason I put this as #3 is because I have friends that rave about this deodorant. I guess it works great for them, so if it works for you, I say do it! It comes in a liquid rollon or a solid crystalyou have to add some water to.

4. Bali Secrets, $12.99 – Like!


Bali Secrets is a great deodorant as well! It has a slight scent to it, but it went away after a while. If you don’t have a huge wetness problem, this one won’t dry you out like the magnesium may. Bali Secrets was great for protecting against odor too. It’s small enough to fit in your purse in case you ever need reapplication (I haven’t had to so far). Remember to let it dry before putting your arms down. Also, a little bit goes a long way.

Update:Bali Secrets does contain Potassium alum, which is a natural mineral salt made up of molecules that are too large to be absorbed by your skin. They form a protective layer on your skin that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. While this is a way better alternative to what you see in stores, it is not completely aluminum-free.

5. Lavanila, $12.81 – Meh!


I didn’t love this one. This deodorant is a white solid. I personally like clear deodorants because my underarms get a little discolored when I apply white deodarants to them. It didn’t help with keeping me dry. The scent isn’t bad, but it didn’t do the trick for me.

6. Tom’s, $3.26 – Nah!


The price is good, but it definitely didn’t work for me. It didn’t help with wetness or odor protection. If you don’t sweat too much or don’t have any odor, I would say it’s good for the price. However, if you work out and need heavier protection, this guy is not for you.

7. Lafe’s Aloe Spray Deodorant$5.19 + Shipping – Nope!


I initially tried this stuff at a gym and thought it worked, but quickly realized it’s not good for day-to-day use. I applied it at night after showering at the gym and it was fine over night while I was sleeping, but that’s about it. My underarms stayed wet and it wasn’t a great odor protecter during the day.

8. Lush Greeench, $20.89 – So-So!


It will protect you for half the day, but you will need to reapply. The only problem is how do you re-apply loose powder without getting it all over your clothes? I made my own mixture of lush powder, coconut oil, and baking soda and turned it into a solid to fix that, but it just created more work. It somewhat protected from odor, but the wetness was still there. I prefer the magnesium or Bali secrets one over this guy.

9. Vitale 100% Confident, $18 – Ugh!


I’m beginning to think spray deodorants aren’t for me. This guy didn’t protect me from wetness or odor. I had to return it because it was a disappointment. This is alright if you don’t have wetness or don’t need odor protection.

In conclusion, Bali Secrets was my favorite because it protected me from wetness. The magnesium one is a close second if you don’t need a lot of wetness protection. I hope it works for you!

Stay healthy friends! Thanks for tuning in 🙂