Hi, my name is Supreet and i’ve been helping clients transform their wardrobes since 2012. Wearing the right outfit can make a huge difference in your life – your posture is straighter, your smile is more authentic and the energy you radiate attracts the right people and opportunities. My goal is to create happy and confident people and it can all start with one of the first things you do in the morning, picking out your armor for the day.

Believe it or not, even as a fashionista, I struggled with my closet when I was younger. I would collect a bunch of stuff based on trends, not wear half of it because I didn’t know how, and throw out clothing after a couple of wears because it would fall apart. After some time I realized I was doing a disservice to my bank account, the environment and my confidence. I worked on my wardrobe habits and created a system based on shopping smarter, knowing how to wear all your clothes and establishing a personal style. I’m very excited to share my gift with you.

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Meet Klair, she’s a 30-something year old woman living in San Francisco
and this is her style story…


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