Ready to step up your dating game? I help clients create outfits for everything from dating photos to social activities where they can meet that special someone. Your first impression matters and my goal is to help you get noticed. I design wardrobes based on your personal style, so you will feel 100% confident no matter what social situation you are stepping into. Don’t be shy, feel free to ask any questions!

Since I have a lot of clients asking about dating, here are a couple of resources to help you step up your game.

Dating Photo Photographer: Portraits for the People

Meet Sarah, she’s the photographer behind Portraits for the People. She helps you take amazing photos you can use on your dating profiles. Your photos matter so much. Sarah I met because we had a mutual client who hired me for his outfits and her for photos. Sarah and I instantly connected because we loved each others work so much. I was shocked to see the difference between my client’s old dating photos and his new ones – day and night! The client is getting way more traction (and compliments) on his dating apps and in real life.

See more of Sarah’s work on instagram: @potratisforthepeople or her website: Portraits for the People

If you are interested in creating looks specifically for your photos, let me know when you reach out. I have a special program for photos.

Dating Coach

Tired of using dating apps? Connect with Courteney Kay! Courteney is a wonderful dating coach and matchmaker. She does all the work for you, while you get set up on dates with people you will actually mesh with. Even if you are not looking for a matchmaker, Courteney is great at teaching you how to approach people, how to get noticed, where to go to meet people, and what men and women are looking for.

Her website is currently being, but here’s her contact: courteney at courteneykay dot com