Men’s Style: Technical Wear Meets Modern Style

Whenever I have a consultation with a client and ask if they run “hot” or “cold” about 95% of the time men tell me they run “hot”. This alone tells you there is a huge need for clothing that won’t absorb sweat and need to be washed or dry cleaned after each wear. Sound too good to be true? Let me tell you a bit about technical wear!

When you hear the term “technical wear” your mind jumps to gym clothing, but there’s a whole other world that you might not know of. Now days technical wear can be button down shirts, dress shirts, chinos, slacks, jeans, socks and underwear. If you hate wrinkles, sweat a lot, bike to work, travel or shrink your clothes… your problems are about to be solved. Come take an airy walk through the wonderful world of day to day technical wear!

What is Day to Day Technical Wear?

Modern technical wear takes fabrics gym clothes are made out of and converts them to everyday wearable designs like dress shirts, blazers, pants and suits. These garments offer excellent breathability, stretch and quality. Unlike traditional cotton clothing that can shrink or hold stains, tech wear is made up of synthetic materials like rayon and polyester, but with added softness. This is important to note because not everyone loves the feeling of synthetic fabrics, but if you want the benefits I mentioned, they are worth at least a try.

The founder of Ministry of Supply ran a marathon in a technical wear suit!

Photo Credit: @ministryofsupply

That photo above is no joke, one of the founders of Ministry of Supply, a technical wear brand, ran a half marathon in one of their suits. I’m telling you, if you are looking for breathability, moisture wicking, and odor controlling clothing, you’ve struck gold!

Brands Worth Checking Out

Are you ready for the days your jeans won’t rip when you bike or your shirt isn’t drenched after a dance off at a wedding? Awesome! Below are a coupe of brands that nail both style and quality.

Ministry of Supply

Photo Credit: Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply is a pretty cool brand! If you have to dress up for work or travel a lot, their selection of dress shirts, blazers, polos, sweaters, pants and shorts will hit the spot. Made for movability, breathability and easy care, their clothes promise that and so much more. Their price ranges from $40 for a t-shirt to $495 for a blazer. Don’t let the price tag deter you, these clothes are meant to last for a while, so consider these a long term purchase. Keep a lookout for promotions like getting 15% off 3 or more of the same category, which they do often. Also, they offer free shipping and free returns, who doesn’t love that?

Mizzen + Main

Photo Credit: Mizzen + Main

Mizzen + Main has been making waves with their dress and button down shirts. They even started carrying henleys, polo shirts, tuxedo shirts and accessories that have the same promise of wicking sweat, durability, easy care and stretch. What I like about M+M is they offer trim, standard and tall sizes and have a size finder on their website. Prices range from $55 for henleys to $125 for dress shirts. Keep a look out for promotions to score a deal. They offer free shipping and free returns and even Nordstrom carries them.


Photo Credit: Outlier NYC

If you are in the market for a pair of pants that will last you for years, Outlier is your brand. I really like Outlier for their quality and style. Most notably, their pants have won the hearts of many guys by coming in slim versions. Outlier offers denim, chino and dress pant styles you can wear to work, traveling and beyond. Their pants don’t come cheap, but the quality pays for itself. In addition to their pants, you can find shirting made out of merino wool, which don’t absorb odor and give you excellent breathability. Pants start at $198.

Theory’s Neoteric Pants

Photo Credit: Theory

Although Theory is not a tech first brand, they have excellent technical pieces season to season. Their Neoteric pants have a lot of stretch and movability, perfect for biking and traveling. I’ve put clients in their pants and they instantly fall in love with the style, fit and comfort. Theory makes slim and regular fits to keep you looking modern. Their pants start at $195, but keep a look out for sales at Bloomingdales or Nordstrom Rack to score a deal.


Photo Credit: Twillory

Men have been loving Twillory’s dress shirts. They offer dozens of patterns and keep their promise of easy care, moisture wicking, cooling tech, wrinkle resistant, and most importantly, comfort and stretch! From basic blue to classic plaids, you get plenty of choice. The shirts go for 2 for $119 or $55 each if you buy 4 or more, making them less expensive than the other brands I listed. With guaranteed fit and free shipping and returns, it’s definitely worth it to give these a go!


Reversible blazer, brings back fond memories of Fresh Prince!

Photo Credit: Betabrand

This San Francisco brand has a special place in my heart because they are right in my neighborhood! Betabrand plays around with fun prints through their shirts and jackets as well as keeps comfort top of mind through their pants. If you want dress clothing to be bike, travel and karate kick friendly, they have your back. I especially like the pants color selection and appreciate they come in slim and ankle cut fits for a modern style. They also have bike friendly jeans!

What Should You Try?

Alright, now you’re curious and want to get your hands on one of these items and see what the fuss is all about. I say do it! Start with a classic white dress shirt. Next time you have to travel or attend a wedding, give this baby a spin and see how it goes. I have some friends who dance up a storm at weddings and really appreciate the stretch and moisture wicking technology. Best of all, you don’t need to iron them!

Since summer is coming up and you might have travel plans, also consider shorts or pants. Imagine being able to take one pair of bottoms that you can rewear without washing them when traveling. Sounds great right?

Wait, Let’s Not Forget Underwear

So you have your shirts, blazer, pants and henleys, but what about what goes underneath them all? Yes, underwear matters and finding a great one can really be a game changer. Here are a couple of brands that are killing it in the technical underwear game that you should check out. Type of underwear is a personal choice, but you can’t really go wrong with boxer briefs or trunks.

Mack Weldon

Photo Credit: Mack Weldon

If you’re open to upgrading your underwear, Mack Weldon is a name that says quality, comfort and longevity. They don’t come cheap at $24 a pair, but once you try them, you’ll never look back. Note: if you spend $100, you can get 10% off and if you spend $200, you can get 20% off on their site. Mack Weldon also offer loungewear, socks and basics like polo shirts and t-shirts.


Photo Credit: MeUndies

Alright, maybe you’re not ready to jump into a pair of Mack Weldon’s, no problem. Give MeUndies a try! I especially like MeUndies because they come in fun patterns that you probably wouldn’t gravitate towards on your own. Funky patterns not your thing? They have solids for the guys who like to keep it classic. MeUndies are made of Micro-Modal, which is a soft and lightweight fabric built to last. Undies go for $24, but if you subscribe, you can get a pair every month for $16. You can also get packs of 3, 5 or 10 that range from $15 to $18 a pair. MeUndies also offers lounge wear, t-shirts and socks.

Uniqlo Airism

Photo Credit: Uniqlo

MeUndies and Mack Weldon still seem a little out there? Give Uniqlo Airism a go! I love the Airism undershirts and their underwear should be coveted too! With each pair going for $9.90, these are definitely worth a try. Airism offers cooling technology that releases heat and moisture and is very breathable. If you like the underwear, definitely get an undershirt too. Tip: I always tell clients to go for the V neck undershirts because I don’t like when undershirts show.

Has your mind been blown by all that’s going on in the world of technical wear? It’s amazing to see that comfort and quality is taking a priority with day to day wear. Once you see the performance of these garments, it’ll be hard to go back to basic cotton. Like I said, some of these items cost a little more than the average, but you’ll be getting many more years of wear out of them, so don’t think small.

Men’s Style: Backpacks Meet Form + Function

Once your wardrobe starts coming together, it’s natural for you to start thinking about accessories. A major accessory that comes to mind is your day to day backpack. Gone are the days of wearing that Jansport bag you once rocked in high school or your messenger bag that makes your one shoulder sore. Instead, this post is dedicated to bringing your attention to some awesome brands that are making waves in the backpack world.

Your backpack is something you carry everyday and stores bulky items like your laptop, gym clothes, lunch, and water bottle to name a few. Not only should it be comfortable, but also durable, have easy access to your essentials, save your belongings from wet weather, be lightweight, and of course have a sleek design. Luckily, the backpacks down below have it all!

From lowest to highest price, here are my list of my top backpacks!

Ps. Feel free to browse the site I linked to learn more details about the backpacks, styles and colors they offer. Also, i’ve made note of the ones that are waterproof and water-resistant!

Please note I am not sponsored by any of these brands. Some links are Amazon affiliate links, thanks in advance for your support!

CHROME – Hondo Backpack ($100)

San Francisco based Chrome Industries makes minimal and sleek backpacks that are great for cyclists and walkers alike. With rip proof fabrics, lightweight designs, water-resistant coating and comfortable back padding, you can use this bag for work and beyond. This bag comes in 4 colors. The Hondo is my favorite from Chrome, but check out their site to see other designs.

Size: 21 Liters
Laptop Size: up to 15”
Bonus: 15% off your first order, Free Shipping, Lifetime Warranty

TIMBUK2 – Authority Backpack ($129)

TIMBUK2 is also a San Francisco brand that has been making waves in the backpack world. They are known for affordable, stylish and functional backpacks that are water-resistance, have air mesh backs to help with breathability and cushy straps for shoulder support. These backpacks even have a rear laptop area, keeping your tech nice and safe. This backpack comes in 7 colors. It doesn’t just stop here, TIMBUK2 has MANY backpacks.

Size: 28 Liters
Laptop Size: up to 17”
Bonus: 10% off your first purchase, free shipping, lifetime warranty

EVERKIStudio Backpack ($120)

The Studio backpack is slimmer and has a more conservative design than the others I’ve listed. If you are a traveller, this bag has a slip for the trolley handle, making it great for travelers. The laptop compartment has cushioned corners for those who seem to forget their computer is in their bag until they toss it on the floor. The storage compartment has a bright orange lining, letting you quickly and easily find what you are looking for. Oh and they take pride in their ergonomic design – I’m sure your back with thank you! The Studio is my preferred design, but definitely check out their other bags!

Size: 14L
Laptop Size: Up to 14.1”
Free shipping, 30 day returns, limited lifetime warranty

DULUTH PACK – Scout ($145)

For those ready to ditch their leather messenger bags, but don’t want a bag that looks too technical, Duluth Pack has a good one for you. This bag has a cozier look, making it perfect for the rugged or dressy guy who doesn’t want too much of a modern and minimal look. Don’t underestimate this bag’s quality though, it’s made of durable fabrics, has a spacious interior and definitely keep comfort in mind. Note: the waxed canvas bag helps shed water easily. This bag comes in 16 colors and has other designs as well!

Size: 15 Liter
Laptop Size: not listed, but bag is 17” tall
Bonus: Lifetime guarantee  

LANDER – Commuter ($150)

If your gym bag travels with you almost everyday, this bag might be the miracle you’ve been waiting for! The Lander Commuter bag has a cargo pocket for your gym clothes and shoes, keeping it separate from your tech, lunch or anything else in your bag. It doesn’t stop there, this bag is made of rip proof fabric, neatly stores charging cables, waterproof, and overall very durable… it’s made for the outdoors. This bag also comes in a “traveller” version if you want to use it for traveling.

Size: 25 Liter
Laptop Size: up to 17”
Bonus: 15% off, 1 year Limited Warranty

AER – Duffle Pack 2 ($170)

My guy friends rave about this bag! Here’s why: it’s a backpack and a duffle bag. You can take to work, the gym and even on weekend trips! Hold it by the handle or wear it on your back, the choice is yours. The AER is a spacious bag with a shoe compartment, padded and mesh back for breathability, has top and side handles, comfortable shoulder straps, and is water-resistant. This bag is available in 3 colors. They have a couple of different collections worth checking out.

Size: 24.6 Liter
Laptop Size: up to 15.6”
Bonus: Available at Nordstrom: free shipping, free returns, lifetime warranty