Style By Supreet is a personal styling service based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Supreet brings her 10+ years of fashion styling experience to create beautiful wardrobes that represent her clients’ most authentic self. Supreet’s tried and true system creates wardrobes that can be worn for years on end because they are based on personal style and quality. Supreet believes in empowering clients with knowledge, so as you go through your program, you will learn so much about your style, how to shop, your best fits and what brands are made for your body and style.

Supreet’s Style Philosophy

It’s not about flashy labels, it’s about creating authentic confidence by establishing your personal style. Understanding your personal style is so important because it helps you create a long lasting sustainable wardrobe that can be worn for years. Supreet’s intuition helps pull out your personal style, while her strategic shoppings skills bring it to life. Less is more. Quality beats quantity. Wear every piece in your wardrobe with excitement and confidence.

How it Works

Style By Supreet specializes in personal shopping services dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals. Whether it’s confidence, self-expression, wanting to get ready faster or dressing for the job you want, clothing acts as your armor to get you where you want in life. Focus on your goals and let us help you look amazing while doing it.

If you are ready to make sense of your closet, define your style, understand how to dress for your body, and have fun while doing it, we’re here to help!



Let’s chat to learn about your style goals, dive into your closet and assess your body type and coloring.


We’ll do the heavy lifting by shopping for clothing that suits your needs and lifestyle.


You will get hand selected pieces and outfits just for you. Learn what looks good and how to style your pieces in different ways.

Styling services range from in-person to virtual. In-store shopping has been put on pause due to the pandemic, however, if you are interested in in-store shopping, please say so in your email and we’ll figure it out.

For each styling service, Supreet will…

– Go over your wardrobe goals
– Analyze your body type, coloring and personal style
– Edit your wardrobe
– Create outfits out of what you have
– Identify wardrobe gaps and create a strategic shopping list
– Shop for the gaps (get quality pieces without breaking the bank)
– Turn your home into your very own fitting room
– Manage returns and exchanges
– Finalize your shopping with a wrap up session
– Create a lookbook (photos of your outfits)
– Make sure you are one happy and confident person at the end of your program

The End Goal:
– Make sure you spend less than 5 minutes getting ready
– Feel confident by knowing who you are
– Feel comfortable by wearing clothes made for your lifestyle
– Strategically shop to save you a lot of money
– Teach you what brands are made for your body and style
– Build healthy shopping habits (i.e. no more fast fashion, impulse purchases)

Want to Learn More?

(415) 758-1895 ~

Guess what? Supreet is launching a men’s style course!

Want to take your transformation at your own pace? Check out The Style Game Plan, the only men’s style course of its kind. Supreet takes her 10 step style system and converts into to bite-sized pieces so you can learn everything you need to know to dress well and create the wardrobe of your dreams. You’ll learn things like… how to discover your personal style, what your best colors are, how to dress for your body, where to shop, how to put an outfit together and so much more. Click here to learn more!


Why Should I Work With a Stylist?

Want to save time, money and focus on your goals?
Find out what it’s like working with a stylist… 


“I used to live in logo t-shirts, loose jeans and flip flops because they comfortable and i’m a surfer boy at heart, but Supreet helped me update my wardrobe to something equally as comfortable, 100x more stylish, and very true to me. The crazy part is she did this all virtually and nailed my fit. She even found slim jeans that fit my giant thighs.” – Dave B, Santa Monica, CA

“I spoke with a few other stylists and ending up picking Supreet for my husband. I went with her because she’s down to earth and cares about quality without breaking the bank. She created a wonderful wardrobe full of pieces that were right up his alley. Some other stylists I spoke with were focused on flashy labels and status symbols, which really put me off because that’s not what we care for. Supreet truly gets Bay Area style.” – Alex N, Marin, CA

“At first I thought I wanted some new clothes for fun, but through Supreet’s questions, we found out that I wanted to be taken more seriously at work. She made me say goodbye to my ballet flats and cardigans and instead taught me how to wear jackets and statement shoes that show more authority. Now, I love walking into a meeting and everyone knowing i’m in charge. It’s pretty magical what difference clothing makes.” – Ruthie, San Francisco, CA